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Blinded to his blessings, he spent his youth as a troublemaker. His troubles grew as he aged and he spent his teen and young adult years in one cell or another. Throughout his life's trials-- family deaths, a failed marriage, jail sentences, poverty, lost jobs, he used music to be his one constant. It helped him to cope, but music never quite fulfilled on its promise. It wasn't until he made God his constant that he found his fulfillment. It was in using his music as a tool instead of the driving force in his life that he found his calling. He did this through Praising and allowing God to truly be a focus in his life. God became an endless source of inspiration for his music and the guiding force by which he lives his life. Humbled by God's love, he wants to spread the Word of the Lord through his music. He writes and performs Gospel hip-hop as testimony of God's blessings on us all.  

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